Russia and Poland have agreed to resume shipping

Asaul said that the agreement between Moscow and Warsaw is temporary and lasts two months. The Protocol is already in force, and the carriers of the two countries will be able to resume freight traffic on 20 February. While permission slips will be valid until 15 April, reports the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

The document implies an equal number of permits 20 thousands of forms for the Polish side and 20 thousand – for Russian, said the Deputy Minister.

Asaul stressed that after April 15, the parties will review the work of the carriers of the two countries then agreed to establish permanent rules for the whole of 2016.

The Deputy Minister noted that “the parties have committed themselves to study the issues of improving national legislation and agreement on international motor transportation between Russia and Poland, from 1996”. From the Russian side in terms of number of documents which need to confirm the type of traffic; from Poland to lift restrictions on the amount of fuel contained in tanks at border crossings between the European Union and the Russian Federation.

Previously Deputy Minister of infrastructure and the construction of Poland Jerzy Schmidt said that during the next round of talks representatives of the two countries discussed the issue of special permits for the passage of trucks on the roads of Russia and Poland, but not concluded, under what conditions they will be issued.

In previous rounds of talks, Moscow and Warsaw have failed to agree on quotas for trucking in 2016, which on February 1, autosabina between Russia and Poland ceased. Because of this, the drivers began to choose alternative routes, increased cargo flow through Ukraine.

February 12 began to receive reports that Ukrainian activists began to block the movement of Russian trucks in the Transcarpathian region. By 14 February, activists of nationalist organizations staged a blockade of the Russian trucks across the Western border of Ukraine and in the Zhytomyr region.

In response to the blocking of Russian trucks, Russia has temporarily suspended movement on the territory of the country of trucks registered in Ukraine. The next day, 15 February, Ukraine suspended the transit of Russian trucks. In Kiev called it a response to Russia’s decision.