Russia strengthened its base in Armenia of the fourth generation fighters

The press service of the southern military district (YUVO) Saturday, 20 February reported that Russia sent at the aviation military base of Erebuni in Armenia, the fourth generation fighters the MiG-29, upgraded MiG-29S and upgraded transport helicopter Mi-8MT, recent overhaul, reports “Interfax”.

Aircraft was delivered to a military airfield in Yerevan from Krasnodar territory by aircraft of the military transport aviation. In the near future frontline fighter of “4+ generation” and the helicopter will be collected by the engineering staff of the connection and put into operation.

The pilots will start the connection over the incoming on the base of MiG-29 fighters since mid-March, said the press service.

According to the PUBLICATION, the main differences of the MiG-29C was the increase in its fuel tank, the car also received upgraded ejection seat of the pilot, increased combat load (it had grown to 4 thousand pounds), said “RIA Novosti”. Now at the air base of Erebuni are nine fourth generation fighters the MiG-29.

That Russia was planning to send Erebuni a new batch of MiG-29, the PUBLICATION reported in early January. Then it was noted that the air base will receive new fighter jets in the second half of 2016.

At the end of December 2015 it became known that Russia has sent to the airbase in Armenia a new shipment of attack helicopters consisting of six drums of the Mi-24P and transport Mi-8MT. In early December, at Erebuni were taken seven Mi-24P and Mi-8MT.

The air base at the Erebuni airport in Yerevan was established in 1995. In November 1998, it sent a multipurpose fighters MiG-29. In July 2001, placed in Erebuni parts was formed airbase, which became the air component of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri.