Six members of the UN security Council has rejected the Russian resolution on Syria

As informs “bi-Bi-si”, six countries rejected the Russian-proposed document requiring cessation of shelling Syrian territory from the outside and prevent a ground operation without the consent of the legitimate government of Syria.

During the meeting behind closed doors against the Russian resolution was made by including France and the US, with veto power.

The representatives of France and the U.S. has made its position clear before the discussion, stating that the Russian resolution “has no future”. The French diplomat Francois Delattr called Moscow’s position on supporting President Bashar al-Assad a “dead end”.

The United States representative Samantha Power, in turn, said that “instead of distracting the world with new resolution, Moscow would do well to focus on the implementation of documents already adopted by the UN security Council”.

Moscow decided to convene an emergency meeting of the UN security Council after the recent events on the Syrian-Turkish border. In particular, we are talking about the firing positions of the Syrian Kurds by Turkey, as well as the statement Vice-the Prime Minister of this country of Alcina of Akdogan, who offered to create a security zone inside Syrian territory.