The bailiffs promised a raise at the expense of charged

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, proposed by the Ministry of justice the bill proposes new measures to motivate the bailiffs. According to officials, to encourage workers can be “a part of the collected performance data collection if the indicators”.

The Department explained this initiative to the fact that the workload of judicial officers is growing, the level of pay does not match the requirements to their professional level, and the Federal service of court bailiffs is not possible to create for the workers decent wages. According to official information, the senior bailiff in 2015 received 5,200 rubles a month plus 120-percent surcharge for a class rank.

The Ministry of justice rely on international experience. For example, in Belarus the system is so structured that the budget returned a portion of the amounts received from the debtors. Money accumulated in specially created funds from going directly to the bailiffs.

The CEO of the center for anti-corruption research and initiatives “Transparency International Russia” Anton Pominov saw in the idea of the conflict of interest official, however, said that bonuses should not accrue for the amount of recovered funds, and the number of executed cases, to avoid the temptation “to work only on a large scale”.

In the State Duma the draft law was met with certain fears. So, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on budget and taxes Sergey Katasonov (LDPR) expressed concern that police officers will be engaged in “continuous vyshibaniem”. In turn first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Sergey Factory (“United Russia”) has reminded that a similar system existed in a number of Russian agencies in the 1990-ies, but later, with the development of the legislation, it was abandoned