The Kremlin considered inappropriate question of a possible armed conflict with Turkey

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the statement made on the eve of French President Francois Hollande about the “risk of war” between Russia and Turkey because of the shelling Syrian territories in Ankara, called the question inappropriate.

“The very formulation, it is slightly inappropriate,” Peskov said (quoted by “Interfax”). “Because you know what the Syrian armed forces, which, in addition to the Kurds in this area are exposed to shelling,” — said Peskov

Thus a press-the Secretary the President noted that the Kremlin is concerned about “the rising tension on the Syrian-Turkish border.”

“In General, Russia considers unacceptable such cross-border attacks made by the Turkish artillery on Syrian territory,” — said Peskov. He stressed that the tensions on the border of Syria and Turkey was discussed at a meeting of the Russian security Council.

Yesterday the President of France françois Hollande declared that, in his opinion, there is a “risk of war” between Turkey and Russia over Turkish involvement in Syria. “There exists the risk of war,” quoted him as Europe 1. Hollande clarified that, “it might be not direct but indirect war, when the planes will bomb the civilian population in the North of Syria”.