The Russians opened almost 90 thousand individual investshow in 2015

In 2015 on the stock exchange was opened 89 thousand individual investment accounts. Almost 30% of them have clients that have no brokerage accounts. In 2015 the turnover of all registered investment accounts amounted to 34.7 billion rubles: 95% of this amount accounted for the shares, 3% corporate bonds 1% bonds of the Federal loan.

While this segment of the market is in an embryonic stage, says the head of the “National League of management companies” Dmitry Alexandrov. “The holders of 30% of individual investment accounts does not conduct operations, their accounts are zero, invest the same for the most part, clients of brokerage companies, not the beginners of the stock market”. Alexandrov explains this economic situation, falling incomes and the devaluation of the ruble, which became much more profitable to open a dollar Deposit. “Extremely difficult to raise funds even with the absence of taxation on income, when that income is not visible,” he says.

The inflow of fresh clients contributed to advertising campaign brokers and managing companies, but also lower Bank interest rates during the second half of 2015, says General Director of managing company “Alfa-capital” Irina Krivosheeva. According to her, corporate bonds now yield at 3-4% higher yield than deposits in reliable banks. Their contribution to the influx of new customers has made a massive withdrawal of licenses from banks, adds the head of integrated Finance of FG BKS Igor Sobolev.

As one of the obstacles to widespread dissemination of individual accounts Alexandrov calls the restriction of the minimum investment period to three years. “Few people in the current situation decided to invest for such a period,” he said.

The age of the owner individual investment accounts ranges from 25-40 years, are usually these accounts are opened by managers of companies, 95% of customers have higher education, shares his observations proved to be unsuccessful.