Truckers went on strike in 45 regions

Next protest action of truck drivers started on Saturday morning, this time about temporary suspension of the work the representatives at least 45 regions, said the representative of the protesting drivers Petersburg Andrey Bautin. Strikers stopped work on March 1.

Bautin added that the exact number of participants would be difficult to estimate.

Mix in large cities encounter a protest camp similar to the camp in Khimki, he said. Such Parking was formed in St. Petersburg, Based, Tyumen and Lipetsk. They are going to truck drivers, who hang on their fur Russian flags and slogans against the system “Platon”.

In St. Petersburg and Vologda protestors encountered resistance from the police — they’re trying to shoot cars with flags and banners. According to Baucina, in Vologda detained the driver Evgeny Staritsyn for resisting the police.

According to the correspondent of “echo of Moscow” in St. Petersburg Arseny Vesnina, a protest camp in St. Petersburg occurred on the night of Saturday near the shopping center “MEGA Dybenko”. The strikers intend to stay there at least until the beginning of March.

“We’re not breaking the law, just Express our civil position,” — said Bautin. According to him, the protesters do not intend to hold rallies and block traffic.

Some of the drivers from the regions arrived at the protest camp in Khimki to support their colleagues who are standing in the Parking lot at the shopping center “Mega Khimki” in the fall. They came in cars, because the police won’t let the truck into the Parking lot, to prevent the sprawl of the camp. According to the representative of the Volgograd truckers, who arrived in Khimki, in the Parking lot now have 12 trucks and about 25 cars.