Uber agreed with Sberbank about leasing cars


The world’s largest service to order a taxi via the Uber app and “Sberbank Leasing” signed an agreement on exclusive partnership in the field of car leasing, said the Manager of a major Bank. General Director of “Sberbank Leasing” Kirill Tsarev and the representative of the press service of Uber in Russia Evgenia Shipova confirmed this information.

Under the agreement, the drivers are Uber partners will be able to get cars from “daughter” of Sberbank simplified and in a short time. In particular, the Uber driver will not need to apply for the purchase of a car directly in the Bank — enough to leave a request in the special section for partners on the Uber website (the”Leased vehicles”). Applications received by the managers of “Sberbank Leasing” will be considered on an expedited basis up to eight hours. In fact, requests from partners Uber will be “in automatic mode to get approval from the Bank” after downloading and verifying all necessary documents to the Uber system, said the representative of “Sberbank Leasing”.

“Sberbank Leasing” provides passenger cars only individual entrepreneurs (IE). For Uber partners the company has mitigated a prerequisite in terms of the existence of IP, reducing them from one year to several months. The main condition — the presence of the driver at least 500 trips made through the Uber platform.

The remaining terms of the leases standard for “daughter” of Sberbank: the minimum down payment for a car is 10%, the lease term may be for three years with the option to buy cars after the 12 months. The monthly lease payment already includes comprehensive insurance for taxi, pay the premiums under the program of Uber drivers will be able from the income received from the collaboration service. Preferential conditions from “Sberbank Leasing” have already used the first driver partner Uber, said the representative of “Sberbank Leasing”.

World experience

Uber around the world are actively implementing programs aimed at attracting partner drivers. First leasing program for its drivers, the company launched in November 2013; it was available only in five U.S. cities — San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas. In the U.S., Uber agreed directly with car manufacturers — General Motors, Toyota and other program Participants from the banking sector was not called.

In July 2015, the representative of Uber said that in the U.S. leasing program was attended by about 20 thousand drivers that have earned using Uber more than $200 million For comparison: the total number of drivers connected to the service, in the U.S. only amounted to About 160 thousand at the same time, Uber has launched a new leasing program Leasing Xchange, in which drivers were able to directly receive the car leasing (without intermediary banks) — all the work on the design took “daughter” Uber.

Valuable partner

The agreement will allow Sberbank to “increase the attractiveness of car leasing”, and “to contribute to the development of small business”, sure Tsarev. Joint program with “Sberbank Leasing” — “important stage” in the development of business of Uber in Russia, says General Director of the service in Russia Dmitry Izmailov. Leasing special program running under the so-called Memorandum of understanding, which Uber and Sberbank signed in September of 2015.

In addition, the agreement with “Sberbank Leasing” may be for Uber additional argument in negotiations with the Moscow government. In early February the head of Department of transport Maxim Liksutov gave the service a month on the signing of the agreement with the diptrans in which Uber is committed to working only with legitimate taxi drivers who have permission to taxi activity, as well as to transmit data on the movement of vehicles connected to the service, in the city. In case of Uber in Moscow may be at risk of a ban, said Liksutov. Because the service “Sberbank Leasing” will be registered as SP drivers, a connection to Uber in this way, illegal cabs are completely eliminated. At the time of publication of the article, Uber had not signed an agreement with the diptrans, though have already agreed on the wording, said the representative of the company Evgeniya Shipova.

Uber has become the first partner of “Sberbank Leasing” services — aggregators taxi. Sberbank is an extremely desirable partner for all taxi aggregators, according to a source in one of the major services — Uber competitors. And it’s reputational, and marketing ploy, and a potential way to improve customer loyalty, said the source .

The largest aggregator “Yandex.Taxi” (according to various estimates, occupies up to 60% of the Moscow market) in October last year agreed on cooperation with the “MegaFon” to improve loyalty drivers. Connected to “Yandex.Taxi” drivers in Moscow and Moscow region can get preferential rates on mobile communication “Megaphone”. “Yandex” also was planning to negotiate with companies that could reduce costs of its partners for gas, wash cars, etc. But while the signing of such agreements is not known.

Service Gett in December 2015 is a partner of Sberbank in the program money back on the card “savings Bank.Thank you.” If payment is made by Sberbank in taxi Gett-the user receives bonuses depending on the number of trips per month. “Most of our customers in Moscow use cards of the savings Bank, such a service they enjoy, which in turn, increases loyalty,” explains a representative of Gett Alena Balakireva. Similar programs with Sberbank have Uber (August 2015), and the service personal drivers Wheely (March 2015).

I Gett also have a program that needs to attract new drivers to the service. The company helps drivers-private traders with the sole proprietorship and obtaining the license, however, does not help with leasing. In this case, connecting to Gett engaged a third-party partner — the company “salt”, one of the largest players on the Moscow taxi market.