Volkswagen in 2015 sold more sausages than cars

BERLIN, February 20. /Corr. Anton Dolgunov/. Despite the fact that one of the world’s largest automakers, Volkswagen is now the center of a scandal associated with measured amounts of exhaust gas and against the concern under investigation in the U.S., the company intends to emerge from the crisis with your head held high and without renouncing its goal of becoming the largest producer of vehicles in the world. The company continues to increase sales of product, not related to the automotive industry.

We are talking about popular German sausages in curry sauce, better known by the name of currywurst. Volkswagen produces sausages under its own brand since 1973. Now the company, in addition to managers, engineers, computer scientists, marketers work 27 butchers who are responsible for the branded product. The currywurst is traditionally served in canteens at enterprises that sell in the home matches of football club “Wolfsburg”. In addition, you can find them in all stores of retail chain Edeka. “Genuine spare part Volkswagen”, reads the inscription on the original packaging.

In 2015, the group sold 7.2 million brand sausages, which is almost 1 million more than statistics 2014. With regard to the profile of the company’s products – cars under the brand Volkswagen, their sales declined. In 2014, there were 6,12 million, in 2015 – 5,82 million in Addition to the sausage the company produced last year, 608 tons of special ketchup, which served the currywurst.

It is believed that the sauce for the currywurst was invented in Berlin in 1949. Hertha Heuwer – the owner of a diner in the American zone of occupation – decided to mix ketchup with Worcestershire sauce and curry and pour the resulting mixture of regular sausage. My dish it was patented ten years later.

Now on the wall of the house in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, where once was the same eatery, there is a memorial plaque in memory of Hoyer. In addition, in Berlin since 2009 there is a Museum dedicated to the history of sausage in curry sauce.