Assad spoke about the breakthrough in Syria thanks to Russia and Iran

Support of Russia and Iran helped the Syrian army to achieve a breakthrough. The President of Syria Bashar Assad said in an interview with Spanish El Pais.

“Certainly the support of Russia and Iran was necessary in order that our army has achieved this breakthrough,” said Assad. The question of how Damascus could achieve such success without the support of allies, he called “hypothetical”. The head of state acknowledged that Syria “need it for one simple reason”. “There are 80 countries that in various ways support terrorists,” said Assad.

According to the Syrian leader, some of the countries supporting the militants assistance “directly”. Others, he said, are helping the terrorists with money, supplying weapons, or provide logistical support. “Others offer them political support in various international forums,” added the head of state.

Syria is a small country and we can fight it, but ultimately there is unconditional support for these terrorists. Obviously, in this situation, [we] need international support,” said Asad.