Bashar al-Assad declared his readiness for a ceasefire

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has said he is ready for a truce in the conflict if the militants of the terrorist organizations will not use them for their own purposes. He told about it in interview to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“Of course, we are ready for a truce, but it’s not just the announcement of this tender. It is important that terrorists are not strengthened their positions during the truce. You want to prevent countries, especially Turkey, to send a large number of people, weapons and to provide moral and technical support to the terrorists,” he said in an interview with Assad.

He also said that does not seek to remain in power in the next 10 years. “If the Syrian people want me to remain President, then I will hold this post. If I can’t help your country, you must leave immediately”, — added the head of Syria.

Previously, on 16 February, al-Assad allowed the use of weapons by parties to the conflict during the truce. He stressed that the main purpose of the armistice was not to allow terrorists to strengthen their positions.

The participants of the International support group in Syria on 12 February agreed on a cessation of hostilities in Syria. Then it was assumed that the agreement will be implemented during the week. The contract will not apply to the terrorist group “Islamic state” and “Nusra Front” (both activities prohibited on the territory of Russia).

The Syrian opposition last night announced the cease of fighting in the country. The opposition said that the “possibility” of a temporary cease-fire is considered in the if it will comply with government forces and their allies, including Russia.

In addition, the truce should be guaranteed by the UN. The opposition has also demanded the release of prisoners and the simultaneous ceasefire by all parties to the conflict. The conditions for the truce are the delivery of humanitarian aid throughout Syria and the lifting of sieges.