Clinton won the Caucuses in Nevada after losing in new Hampshire

According to the results of treatment of 78% of votes primary elections (Caucuses) in the state of Nevada candidate for US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton scored a 52.1% of the vote. Her nearest rival — the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders — 47,9%. On it informs TV channel Fox News.

In his Twitter Clinton thanked voters. “For all of you who voted in Nevada: this is your victory. Thank you” — she wrote on the social network.

In his victory speech Clinton Sanders congratulated with this result. “Thank you and the millions of people who support our election campaign throughout the country,” thanked the voters of the former first lady of the United States.

Preliminary inter-party elections of candidates in US presidents from Republican and Democratic parties are held in 2016 1 February and 28 July. The first Caucuses were held in Iowa on February 1. Then Clinton scored 49,86% of the vote, and Sanders – 49,57%.

Met February 10 primaries in new Hampshire. The former then admitted defeat, gaining 40% of the vote. Sanders received 57 percent of the vote.

February 21 are primaries, and the Republican party in South Carolina. Voting will end at 19:00 (03:00 GMT).

The U.S. has the indirect system of elections of the two highest officials — the President and Vice President. Citizens vote not for the candidate but for the list of electors which denoted them. Electors are selected in each state list under the majority system of relative majority. The party, whose list received the highest number of votes gets all the electors of the state.