Danone announced the rise in prices of transportation of goods by 100% because of “Plato”

In interview to the edition “Газета.Ru” the head of the representative office of French company Danone Russia Bernard ducro said that literally overnight after starting the system the cost of transportation in the South increased by 80-100%. “We told our shipping partners? “You need a truck you need a truck — pay”, — he told.

Ducro said that consumers should expect rising prices due to the system “Platon”. “The price of one bottle of milk may increase by a few percent. However, the specific number can not name, because recently too many components changed both of our costs and prices, and here it is impossible to sort out how many had which element”, — he said.

The head of the Russian office of Danone has called the idea of raising funds for public roads, “valid”, but noted some shortcomings, the main of which is initially imposed a fine, the amount of which ducro considers “excessive”.

System of toll collection trucks permissible weight of over 12 tons on Federal highways started to work in Russia on 15 November. Putting the system on the second day provoked traffic jams: a few hours of not working website “Plato” and many carriers, fearing millions in fines, not ventured out on the flight.

On the third day of the work “Plato” Rosavtodor has notified the concessionaire on the start of the audit. On 20 February, the Agency stated that the concessionaire system because of reported failures will be fined 10 million rubles .

By order of the Ministry of transport has established a working group to monitor the operation of the system “Platon”. It included representatives of the Ministry of transport, Rosavtodor, TITS and more than 25 representatives of retailers, industry unions, associations and carriers.