Donald trump won the Republican primary in South Carolina

By results of processing of 50% of the vote, the primaries in South Carolina were won by the candidate of the Republican party of the US billionaire Donald trump. He scored 34.2 percent of the vote. Second place goes to the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz – 21,6% of the votes. Is an American broadcasting channel CNN.

According to the results of the preliminaries in third place was the Senator from Florida, Marc Rubio with a result of 21.4% of the vote. Florida Governor Jeb Bush has gained 8.3 per cent of the vote. According to the results of the primaries he announced the withdrawal from the presidential race.

Preliminary inter-party elections of candidates in US presidents from Republican party held in 2016 1 February and 28 July. According to the results of the first Caucuses in Iowa, which took place on 1 February, trump lost to Ted Cruz. The billionaire scored 24% of the vote, the Senator from Texas is 28%. In third place was Rubio with a result of 23% of the vote.