In the center of Moscow began the demolition of the shopping center “Pyramid”

In the center of Moscow began the demolition of the shopping center “Pyramid”

Near the metro station “Pushkin” in Moscow began the demolition of the shopping center “Pyramid”, the correspondent of TASS from the event. On the fenced territory there has arrived the equipment, operate the equipment necessary for the dismantling of the building, he said.

Previously in the Department of trade and services of Moscow has told that the owners of the shopping center “Pyramid” and two objects of unauthorized construction are going to dismantle their own buildings. “With the voluntary dismantling of the buildings owners can get compensation. Payments are made by the Prefecture no later than two months from the date of the relevant request”, — quotes Agency the words of the representative of the Ministry.

In the center of Moscow demolished the shopping center “Pyramid” Video: Channel

As said the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Alexey ameryk, for the demolition of the shopping center “Pyramid” might need three days. The official noted that while this compensation is not. “If he [the owner] will appeal in the Moscow city government, we will consider the appeal,” he said.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Board of “Pyramid 2000”, which built the shopping center, Vladislav Vasnev said in an interview with “Vedomosti” that the company recently completed the sale of the building, received a suitable amount, and now the fate of the object will decide the new owner. According to the data of Rosreestr, instead of LLC “Pyramid 2000” the owner of the center was the citizen of Azerbaijan Ramin Beshear ogly Sultanli.

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Mass demolition of objects of trade in Moscow started the night on 9 February, then simultaneously began analysis of 97 objects. In the decision of the city government talked about 104 pavilions, built self-willedally.

Commenting on the demolition, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said it was “a good example of that in Russia is not for sale however, the heritage, the history of our country.” “You cannot hide behind the paperwork of property, acquired by obviously fraudulent way”, — he said then. The mayor also repeatedly stated that the demolished structure was a danger to Muscovites. The government of Moscow, according to him, ready to provide the owners of the demolished pavilions the opportunity to build new objects.