Kadyrov has offered to sell in “Terek” showed a t-shirt with Putin player

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov declared his readiness football club “Terek” to acquire a player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. This week the midfielder after the match against Fenerbahce took the game to Mike and showed a t-shirt with image of Vladimir Putin and inscription “most polite of the President”, for which he was fined by his club at €300 thousand.

“I am convinced that Dmitry has done what is worthy of real men! Therefore, football Club “Terek” has decided that such a patriot of Russia cannot be left alone with their problems. “Terek” is ready to buy a player with a fine,” — wrote Kadyrov.

According to the head of Chechnya, when “the locomotive” considers the offer unacceptable, “Terek” is ready “at their own expense to pay the fine”. Kadyrov stressed that they are not going to “even hint” to discuss the actions of the Moscow club. He also noticed that while UEFA (Union of European football associations) has not yet made a decision about Tarasova, “the home club” has already fined the player for €300 thousand

Kadyrov also suggested Tarasov to join the football team “Leader-63″, which plays in t-shirts with pictures of Vladimir Putin.”Each year the team spends the match with world football stars,” said Kadyrov.

This week, UEFA began disciplinary proceedings against Tarasova for demonstrating t-shirts with Vladimir Putin. In an organization called the behavior inappropriate. According to the rules, players “should not show undergarments, containing political, religious, personal statements, as well as emblems and logos”.

In the Kremlin to comment on the situation with the midfielder of “Locomotive” refused. Press Secretary of President Putin Dmitry Peskov said that he did not want to comment on “football business”. Tarasov himself has explained the act to that wanted to Express support and respect the head of state.

The player’s actions criticized the member of the Executive Committee of the RFU and the Deputy of the state Duma Igor Lebedev. He regarded the action of Tarasova as “stupid”.