The Ministry of agriculture decided to fight for the world Halal market

As informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”, plans to fight for a strong position on the market of products for Muslims in the framework of the exhibition Gulfood in Dubai announced a source in the Russian delegation. According to him, the Ministry of agriculture expects to export Russian Halal in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, Pakistan and Egypt.

As told the interlocutor of Agency, the main supply of Halal products from Russia to the Muslim countries fall on chicken, however, development and beef production, fully meet standartam “Halal”.

In accordance with the norms of Islam Halal is the kind of product that is allowed by the Koran. Slaughter exclusively for the Muslims who need to quickly cut the throat of a bird or animal when they are in the mind. In addition, from the killed bird or animal shall be released from all the blood, since its consumption is also forbidden by the Koran.

Against the production of Halal products are defenders who believe the wrong killing of animals, which at the time of cutting its throat is not stunned. The issue of banning of Halal had been discussed at the government level in New Zealand, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev, in turn, said the Agency TASS reported that, in addition to meat, Russia intends to increase shipments to the United Arab Emirates wheat. “Russia is able to export and earn foreign currency as a business and for the country,” he said. The Minister added that he views the UAE as a country that could replace the Turkey in the question of deliveries to Russia of vegetables and fruits.