The Prosecutor’s office found signs of extremism in a note on the website of “echo of Moscow”

The General Prosecutor’s office found incitement to violation of territorial integrity and calls for terrorism in the article by Andrey Piontkovsky “Bomb, ready to explode”, said the representative office.

Article writer Piontkovsky in which the author talked about the future of the Chechen Republic in Russia, was published on the website of “echo of Moscow” on January 23.

The representative of the Prosecutor General also said that the matter was referred to the chief of investigative Department of the FSB for the decision of a question on criminal prosecution on signs of the crime, contained in part 2 of article 280 (public appeals for extremist activity committed using mass media or is information-telecommunication networks, including the Internet) and part 1 of article 282 (incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity).

Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Vitaly Ruvinskii declined to comment.

With appeals to the Prosecutor General about the article on the website of “echo of Moscow” has asked deputies of the Chechen Parliament and the Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya. They asked to check the article on extremism. “Calls, such as those that we see in publications, aimed at destroying the foundations of state security, which requires a proper legal assessment and legal conclusions,” explained then Spring.

On Friday, the Deputy-the United Russia party, the Samail sarailiev, one of the initiators of the test, told the TV channel “Rain” that the Prosecutor General’s office found signs of extremism in the article Piontkovsky.

That the Prosecutor General’s office forwarded the materials to the FSB, on the evening of 18 February, also wrote the website RuPosters with reference to the answer from the Prosecutor General’s office obtained by the lawyer Ilya Craft. Craft also appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to check an article on the website of “Echo”. He confirmed that he had received a response from the Prosecutor General’s office and gave a screenshot of the letter. In a letter dated 11 February, also States that the General Prosecutor’s office found incitement to violation of territorial integrity and signs of information, stimulating hatred and hostility.

Article by Andrei Piontkovsky “Bomb, ready to explode” is still posted on the website of “echo of Moscow”. However after the publication it was removed the last two paragraphs, which said a possible separation of Chechnya from Russia.

Andrey Piontkovsky in his Twitter offered to handle all the issues related to the verification of the prosecution, to his lawyer: “On issues relating to my “crime”, the symptoms of which are found the office of Mr. Gull, please contact my attorney Mark Pagina”.

In Roskomnadzor has not yet been able to answer if they received some materials from the state office of public Prosecutor in connection with an article on the website of “Echo”. However, the response of Roscomnadzor at the request of the Deputy Leonid Levin from 10 February (at the disposal) says that after the publication of the article Piontkovsky was edited by the editors of “Echo”. The analysis of this new version of the article the Agency found signs of violation of law on mass media and on combating extremism. “Thus, the service does not have a legitimate reason for response in relation to the editorial office of “echo of Moscow”, — said in the letter to Levin.