Vice-Premier of the Crimean government: the management of Bakhchisarai resigned

SIMFEROPOL, February 20. The head of administration of Bakhchisarai Vladimir the Leader and Chairman of the city Council Yury Gulyaev resigned from their posts, reported Saturday the correspondent of TASS Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky.

“Unfortunately, in Bakhchisaray continues long internal conflict between the deputies and the Executive level. In this connection the head of administration and head of the Council did the decent thing by agreeing with his responsibility and resigned,” said he.

In this case, as reported by Polonsky, previously, the Republican authorities urged local deputies to fold the seats, but on Wednesday at session of the city Council of Bakhchisarai parliamentarians from the dissolution refused.

Previously, the Internet was posted the video of Gulyaev and Leader discuss ways of eliminating political rivals and develop the scheme of withdrawal of budget funds. Video from the hidden camera installed in the office of the Overlord, appeared on the Internet about a week ago. After check by office of public Prosecutor of Crimea published a video in Bakhchisaray were revealed the facts of fraud with the assets of a company worth over 9.5 million rubles. It was also revealed the theft of three million rubles allocated for the construction of water supply networks. On these facts criminal cases are brought.

“Also the Prosecutor of the Republic Natalia Poklonskaya sent information to the head of the Republic of Crimea on the need of the organization cost control head of administration of Bakhchisarai in the absence of data on the basis of the origin of savings, which purchased an expensive car and the contents of the four apartments in the cities of Bakhchisaray and Simferopol”, – reported February 17 at the Prosecutor’s office of Crimea.