Win between Clinton and Sanders in Nevada played cards

On a plot in the town of Pahrump Clinton and Sanders have scored an equal number of votes. The Chairman of the electoral Commission took out a deck of cards, removed the jokers and shuffled three times. He then asked supporters of both candidates to draw a card. Representative Clinton got the ACE of clubs. Representative Sanders got only six of hearts, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Clinton supporters still lucky in one area — in Carson. The representative of Hillary Clinton pulled out a nine of clubs, and a supporter of the Sanders — the seven of diamonds.

As noted by The Wall Street Journal if Nevada victory in the primary election is solved using playing cards, in Iowa by a coin flip.

In General Caucus meetings (the so-called primary elections in some States where they are held in the form of meetings) in Nevada Hillary Clinton scored a total of 52.7% of the vote. Her nearest rival — the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders to 47.2%.

In the night of Sunday passed through the primary candidate from the Republican party in South Carolina. They won the billionaire Donald trump, which brought together about 35% of the vote. The fight for second place developed between the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and Senator from Florida, Marc Rubio. In the end, Rubio scored 22.5 percent, Cruz – 22,3%