British business opposed the country’s withdrawal from the EU

British business leaders and heads of major manufacturing companies, most likely, will vote to maintain the UK within the European Union. This was reported on Monday by Bloomberg, citing the British Institute of Directors (IoD) and the group manufacturing companies, EEF.

According to IoD, the agreement reached by Prime Minister David Cameron in the negotiations with the EU, is sufficient, and more than 600 members of the Institute are to vote to remain in the EU.

“The Prime Minister fought hard for the agreement and has made changes, especially in terms of reducing the burden of senseless or excessive bureaucracy”, — said the Agency Director General of the IoD Simon Walker. “The problem, of course, much wider than this agreement. We have concerns about the methods by which the EU works in some areas. But this is balanced by the ability to easily trade through the single market,” he added.

In a statement, EEF, which represents the technological, manufacturing and industrial companies, States that 61% of its members want to stay in the EU. Mainly their desire, they explain the fact that membership in the EU facilitates the exporting companies.

“Companies, particularly those interested in exporting, don’t see the point in that Britain cut itself off from its main market”, — quotes Agency the words of the chief Executive officer of EEF Terry Scouler. “They reject the idea that Britain faces a straight choice between exporting to the EU and expansion to the global market” because “to be part of the EU helps to strengthen and not to undermine our global presence and commercial ambitions,” he said.

Last week after talks with the European Union in Brussels, Cameron has made for his country’s special status. In particular, Cameron has provided the city of London financiers independence from European regulators and the strengthening of the principle of walking in multiple EU currencies, and achieved the formal recognition of Britain’s rights to refuse further integration. Cameron stated that the reached agreements are sufficient to referendum on the UK residents voted to keep the country in the European Union.

Last Saturday, British Prime Minister said that the referendum, which will be raised about the membership of the Kingdom in the European Union, will be held on June 23.