Citizens of Bolivia voted against the re-election of Morales for the new term

According to the preliminary data of the electoral Commission, published on the night of February 22, against the amendments to the Constitution allowing the current President Evo Morales to be elected for a new term, serve more than 60%.

According to the data after processing more than 330 thousand protocols against changes to the Constitution voted 64,19% of the country’s citizens, a reform voted only 35,81% of voters.

Morales took office as President of Bolivia in January 2006. His current term ends in 2020. The proposed amendment to the Constitution would allow him to stay in power until 2025.

In September 2015, the Parliament of Bolivia enacted a law allowing Morales to run for a fourth term. However, the ratification of a law should occur only after results of the referendum. Morales said that if the majority vote for the amendment of the Constitution, he will run for a fourth term in 2019.