Evkurov: a critique of the popular front helps to identify the most pressing issues facing

MAGAS, February 21. Critical remarks by the Russian popular front (onf) to help the authorities to identify the most important problems. This was announced at yesterday’s meeting with members of the popular front in Magas the President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

“This meeting was important and significant, we discussed there are a number of issues of government and society issues,” he said on Sunday, TASS reported .

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As noted in the press service of the head of the subject, the head of Ingushetia at the meeting with representatives of regional headquarters of the “Front” stressed that the popular front was held as a solid, a large, national movement. “You bet on the opinion of citizens, our people, and this is, without a doubt, the greatest support”, – he said.

Evkurov has expressed confidence that the strengthening of social control, especially in the most important sectors, will enable the region to not only save enormous financial resources, but also will contribute to the establishment and strengthening of the system of people’s control.

At the meeting, the activists of the popular front drew attention to problem areas, in particular: education, health, construction, agriculture.

The head of subject reported that announced at the meeting with “veterans” suggestions have been noted and they will be used to enhance the performance of the Executive authorities of the region.