Exchange rate of the Euro fell below 83 RUB. for the first time in three weeks

The Euro during trading on Monday fell below 83 rubles, according to the stock exchange. In the course of trading the Euro at the minimum has fallen to a mark 82,931 rubles, having lost 2,89 rubles compared to the previous close. The last time the exchange rate of the Euro was below $ 83 RUR on February 1.

The dollar at auction on February 22 at the minimum fell to Tanzania in 75,26 rubles as of 18:25 Moscow time the Euro exchange sovkovski was $ 83,138 rubles, which is 3,166 RUB or 3,67% below the previous closing. Exchange rate of the dollar at 18:25 Moscow time was 75,4456 rubles, which 1,5997 or RUB 2.08 per cent lower than previous close.

Strengthening of ruble happens against the background of rising oil prices. So, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil during trading on Monday was closer to $35, then previous close of its cost was $33,01, and opened trading at $33,16 per barrel. As of 18:25 Brent traded at about $34,9 per barrel.