Kiev condemned the screening of the film “the Mask of the revolution” in Poland

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland have condemned the broadcasting of the Polish TV channel TVN24 French documentary film directed by Paul Moreira about the events on Maidan in February 2014 — “Ukraine. Masks of the revolution.” A statement published on Sunday evening, February 21, on the official website of the Ukrainian Embassy in Facebook.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, disappointed by the unfriendly gesture of the Polish television TVN24, which has now shown disrespect to the millions of Ukrainians, showing in its broadcast false and manipulative film Field Moreira “Ukraine. Mask of the revolution” — said in a statement.

It emphasizes that “the most painful is the fact that the Polish TV channel “timed” film to the second anniversary of the revolution of dignity”. “I believe that the Polish nation, which during the years of its history have learned to appreciate the truth and reveal the insidious lie, give a decent assessment of this film, as well as the fact of his showing on the TV channel TVN24,” — said in a statement.

In early February, the film Moreira “Ukraine. Mask of the revolution” was aired on French TV channel Canal+, which also caused discontent of Kiev. The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris before it was released in the air asked Canal+ not to show it. However, the show did take place.

In their documentary Moreira we are talking about events in 2013-2014. It tells about the revolutionary events on Maidan and in the trade unions building in Odessa in may 2014.