Lithuania announced the intercept Russian Il-20 aircraft of the NATO

As follows from messages posted on the website of the Ministry of defense of Lithuania, during the period from 15 to 21 February, the fighters of NATO air forces conducting a mission in the Baltic States, has twice been to intercept and escort Russian military transport aircraft Il-20.

According to information from the Ministry, 17 February NATO fighters rose from the Siauliai air base in Lithuania to intercept a Russian Il-20, EN route from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad. In the message the Ministry of defense clarifies that the Il-20 was flying with disabled onboard transportera (automatic identification of the aircraft), but adhered to the pre-submitted flight plan and maintaining radio contact with ground control centers.

On 19 February the same plane on the way from Kaliningrad were accompanied by NATO fighters took off from the Amari base in Estonia.

Last week on the interception of Russian aircraft was declared and in the UK. Two British fighter were raised to intercept Russian bombers. As stated in the British defense Ministry, the aircraft from Russia was heading toward the airspace of the UK.