On the Maidan dismantled almost all tents

Municipal services have dismantled almost all the tents established on the Maidan this weekend, writes UNIAN. The action was timed to the anniversary of clashes that occurred in Kyiv in February 2014.

According to the Agency, currently, remain only large and small tents, five tents had already been dismantled. According to “Apostrophe”, on the square there was only one large military tent that is near the Stela of Independence. The utility took out from the Maidan and barrels, in which bonfires activists.

“Are public utilities, they did part of that 2.5 days was built here. We talked with people who call themselves activists, they said their demands are the same, their protest peaceful and they are not going to leave the Maidan,” — said the reporter “112 Ukraine”. She noted that “the situation on the Maidan intensifies”.

According to the independent member of Parliament, Borislav Birch, “Kyiv once again showed that he is the capital of Ukraine, and not a place for provocations.” “This “event” with the muddy roots of trust did not cause and is removed now with the same support of Kiev. Kiev easily distinguishes the true from the fakes”, he said the dismantling of the tents in Facebook.

During the removal of tents in the square there was a fight. According to “112 Ukraine”, the participants were “men in camouflage”. In the end, the police detained at least three people. “The reason for the fight was, as explained to the detainees that they want people who are now on the Maidan, left the area,” said the correspondent channel.

The installation of tents began on the Maidan on Saturday. The activists also lit fires in dumpsters and brought to the square tires. On the area have established the improvised stage.

Yesterday in Kiev held a “Popular Assembly”. Just on Maidan came out to thousands of people. The organizers of the rally demanded the resignation of the government and the tightening of policy in the East of Ukraine. The activists proposed to cancel the Minsk agreement, and to declare martial law on the territory of the breakaway republics of Donbass and Crimea.