Poroshenko said that the events in Kiev on the anniversary of the Maidan provocation of the Kremlin

The riots that occurred yesterday in the center of Kiev on the anniversary of the events on the Maidan, were prepared by the Kremlin, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”. According to him, this provocation “did not work”, and the Ukrainians, “despite the difficulties, turned out to be responsible”.

“The Kremlin propaganda has done everything to make this day looked different. That is why they were prepared ahead of time slogans about “Maidan 3.0″. But this provocation have failed. Despite all the objective difficulties, the Ukrainians were responsible,” said Poroshenko, answering the question about his assessment of events in Kiev that took place the day before.

The President of Ukraine stressed that all the events planned for the anniversary of the Maidan were aimed at the commemoration of the dead during clashes in 2014.

He noted that the inhabitants of Kiev did not support that began over the weekend protests on the Maidan. According to him, such behaviour of Kiev is a vivid proof that “Maidan “revolution of dignity” were made responsible people, who strive to ensure that Ukraine reformed, the values of the Maidan, were implemented, and Ukraine was moving to Europe.”

“For me personally, a symbol of yesterday was the people’s Assembly in Sofia area for the protection of the National police, which ten times higher than any number of provocateurs,” said Poroshenko. He clarified that this does not mean, “what people do not see the flaws”, but, according to the President of Ukraine, inhabitants of the country “protect reform”.

Yesterday in Kiev held a “Popular Assembly”. Just on Maidan came out to thousands of people. The organizers of the rally demanded the resignation of the government and the tightening of policy in the East of Ukraine. The activists proposed to cancel the Minsk agreement, and to declare martial law on the territory of the breakaway republics of Donbass and Crimea. Wednesday at the square there was a fight, several people were arrested. Later, representatives of municipal services have dismantled almost all tents installed on the square.