Turkey presented a plan to support the tourism industry

The Turkish government has published a plan which aims to support the tourism sector of the country. For this Turkey is ready to allocate $87 million this was stated by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at a press conference on action in the tourism sector, reports Reuters.

The authorities may also, if necessary, to restructure their debts tourism companies. According to the Agency, the Turkish tourism sector has suffered, including, because of its strained relations with Russia and “internal insecurity”.

According to Reuters, Davutoglu expressed hope that the number of Russian tourists will not decrease, despite the deterioration of relations between the two countries. He noted that Russian tourists continue to arrive in the country.

The financing of hotels and restaurants will make up 2.85 percent of total loans at the end of December, reports Bloomberg.

“Recognition issues in the tourism sector caused by the tensions with Russia and problems with terrorism, was a welcome step,” said the Agency, Cagdas Dogan, a banking analyst at BGC Partners in Istanbul.

As previously reported , the popular Turkish resort of Antalya has experienced a sharp fall in tourist arrivals from Russia by 18%. To increase the popularity of the region in the world at the resort it is planned to hold concerts of pop stars, and allocate $500 million on PR.

Moscow has imposed sanctions against Ankara, after Turkish air force shot down in November 2015 Russian su-24. According to Ankara, the plane was shot down after violating its airspace. Moscow claims the plane was shot down in the skies over Syria.

On 28 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey. In the document, including, contains the requirement that tour operators refrain from selling tours to Turkey. Three months action time constraints the CPS has not revealed a single case of sales of permits in this country.