Yatsenyuk admitted his guilt for unfulfilled dreams Euromaidan participants

After the events of Euromaidan, the Ukrainian authorities are unable to achieve all that was hoped residents of the country. The head of government Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on the TV program “10 minutes with Prime Minister”.

“Of course, we did not achieve all what he wanted, and hoped for the Ukrainian people. And here is part my fault, I admit,” he said (quoted by “UKRINFORM”).

Yatsenyuk expressed the view that for the purposes of the authorities need only “political maturity”. Thus, according to him, “this takes time”. “Just as a child takes time to become Mature person, so does policy require free time and the influence of society,” — said the Prime Minister. He noted that the Ukrainian political system needs “honesty, transparency and dignity”.

During the program, Yatseniuk also noticed that in the last two years Ukraine has undergone a “fundamental change”. “Ukraine has become a really independent state. Before we were actually under external management of the Russian Federation”, — said the head of government. From his point of view, now Kiev depends on Russia “neither Gaza, neither in Economics nor in politics.”