Yukos shareholders have estimated the seized assets of Russia in France in €1 billion

Former majority shareholders of Yukos, which is seeking the recovery of Russia’s $50 billion by the decision of the arbitration court in the Hague, first called the value of the Russian assets, seized in France for debt. They estimate it at €1 billion, i.e. about 86 billion rubles, follows from the press release (GML holding company, representing the former Yukos shareholders), launched today.

Among the frozen assets — money that can be stored in the account in the French “daughter” VTB in the interests of the MIA “Russia today” and the FSUE “Goszagransobstvennost” (operates the Russian state property abroad), GML said, without revealing the blocked amounts. In addition, under arrest is the debt of the French satellite operator Eutelsat in front of FGUP “Space communication”, as well as the shares of Eutelsat (3%) belonging to the “Space communication”. Earlier it was reported that in France in the “case of Yukos” arrested payments French companies Arianespace, Eutelsat and Air France due to their Russian counterparts; after publication it was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of justice.

In addition, the shareholders of Yukos are trying to foreclose on the financial assurance provided by a Bank Societe Generale Rosoboronexport in connection with the termination of the contract for the supply of ships-the helicopter carrier type “Mistral”. Representatives of GML did not explain what those safeguards are and how much do they cost, press service Societe Generale has not yet responded to the request .

Previously it was also reported that among those arrested in France, Russian assets are the shares of Euronews TV channel, owned by VGTRK, and land in Paris on which to build a Russian spiritual and cultural centre.

The Russian Federation and Federal state unitary enterprises — MIA “Russia today”, “satellite communications”, “Goszagransobstvennost” — challenged the arrests on the grounds that the assets are not managed directly by the Russian government, that is, they cannot be considered sovereign. The lawyers of former Yukos shareholders mind: the Russian Federation is the sole owner of this property. They asked the Paris court of first instance (Tribunal de Grande Instance) to confirm the validity of the foreclosure 120 of the disputed assets worth about €500 million a Hearing in a Paris court today, the defence of Russia has not yet responded to a request for comment.