Approved the list of obligatory for state purchases of the Russian software

The expert Council of the Russian software (SW) has approved about 80 software products that will be included in the state register ON the Russian. This was told by three members of the Board participating in the meeting, which was held in the Ministry of communications on Thursday, February 18. The session was chaired by the Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov.

The creation of the unified register of the Russian provided BY the act on granting preferences to Russian software in state purchases signed by President Vladimir Putin in June 2015. In November 2015, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that from 1 January 2016 requires state agencies to justify the purchase of foreign software with Russian counterpart on the roster.

“In the coming days we expect registry, then he will become a real working tool: in many classes of software products will appear a Russian system,” — said the Executive Director of the Association “National software” (unites more than 100 manufacturers) Eugenia Vasilenko. The participants of the meeting considered applications for inclusion in the register of products of such companies as “1C-Bitrix”, ABBYY, “Dr. Web”, “New cloud”, “1C”, Raidix, etc., has added Vasilenko. After the registry will be complemented with new products, agencies will be required to purchase software from this list, Vasilenko stressed. All state agencies in the year of spend for IT products and services is about 80 billion rubles, said earlier the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. So far, according to on February 19, the register includes only three products, the information on the website of the Ministry of communications.

Primary examination applications conducted by the Ministry of communications, said the CEO of the company developing the operating system “Alt Linux” Alexey Smirnov. The office checks the formal parameters of all applicants, for example the country in which the registered firm, or the nationality of the ultimate beneficiary, he added. After this verification of the application be peer-reviewed, Smirnov said. According to him, the Advisory Council passed a negative decision on several applications, and in some products reduced the number of classes (categories of software) in which they will be present in the registry. Smirnov confirmed that in the near future, the domestic products will appear in the registry, and he will begin to fully operate.

Smirnov said that at the moment the company filed in the registry of over 700 applications, while in January the number was about 30. In total, the registry will be several thousand products, expects Smirnov. Information will be constantly updated, the expert continues: some companies may release new products, others may change the owner.

CEO of InfoWatch and co-founder of “Kaspersky Lab” Natalya Kaspersky took part in the meeting remotely, she said . According to her, two product experts “was sent back for further study”: the first was serial (one of the conditions for entering the register is available on the open market. — ) regarding the second product from the experts have any doubt that he really is Russian.

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the regime of import substitution to government agencies were actually disrupted. According to the publication, this happened due to the lack of necessary secondary legislation, therefore the state organizations continue to buy foreign software. So, on February 15 the Sberbank has announced a tender for the supply of equipment and licenses for video-conferencing of the American company Avaya, reported Cnews. Bids at the tender, the Bank was ready to take for three days — until February 19.