Kadyrov cursed Stalin and Beria for the deportation of the Chechen people

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov cursed of Joseph Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria for the deportation of the Chechen people. About this he wrote on his page in Instagram.

“Seventy-two years ago Joseph Stalin deported the Chechen and Ingush peoples. The operation was headed by Lavrenti Beria. And Yes they both will be cursed forevermore!”, — he wrote, adding that “the massacre of the Chechen people” was directed 120 thousand people. The head of Chechnya noted that the losses among the Chechen population was 54% of the population.

“Stalin and Beria also dealt with a dozen other Nations. Through many years through the fault of irresponsible schemers in Chechnya has waged two wars that led to mass casualties and destruction. Our enemies want it to last forever,” — wrote Kadyrov, noting that there are examples where exiled peoples live peacefully.

“Evil is plucked up by the roots. But it can not accept those who, like informers of times the links do their thing. Fled to Europe, leaving defrauded loud slogans subordinates. They know the truth about Chechnya. But want a repeat of folk drama, say what you need to fight in Chechnya. They will never fight, no spirit. Enough! I’ve fought enough. Will not allow!”, — concluded the politician.

Events dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the deportation took place today in Ingushetia. “Fraternal Ingush and Chechen peoples were deported in one day. Along the way, and after settlement, many died from hunger and cold. However, resistance, solidarity and mutual aid helped fraternal people not only to survive in a foreign land, but to preserve spiritual potential, creative mindset,” said the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. He spomnil that, in total, was deported 13 indigenous peoples.

The deportation of Chechens and Ingush from the territory of the Chechen-Ingush and Dagestan republics in Soviet Central Asia and Kazakhstan was held in February-March 1944. February 23 is considered the date of the beginning of deportation.