Peskov told about closed negotiations with Damascus about the terms of the armistice

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the signing of the armistice agreement, Syria was preceded by several rounds of closed, non-public consultations.

“I propose to recall, the presidents said in a statement. It was closed several rounds of consultations, these were not public consultations. And they were conducted over the past few days, last week. In Moscow highly appreciate the level of cooperation of our experts, who have allowed our presidents to go out on such a coordinated statement,” he said to the reporter .

To the question, did President Putin with President Assad on the occasion of decisions, Peskov said that Russia is in constant contact with Damascus.

“Of course, Russia in the framework of the operation, which continues the Russian space forces in the airspace of Syria is in constant contact with the legitimate government of this country. Would like again to refer to what was stated by President Putin, who stressed that Russia will carry out the necessary work with the legitimate government of Syria, and expects that the same will be done the USA with its allies and groups that they support,” explained the spokesman.

Peskov did not directly answer the question, is it possible to say that relations between Russia and the U.S. have moved from a dead point. “Now the main task that confronts the Russian and the American side is to stop the unnecessary bloodshed in Syria to continue the fight against terror and to enter the subsequent political settlement in this country,” he added.

Speaking about the relationship of the negotiations the negotiations with Qatar and Saudi Arabia on Syria, Peskov said that basically the conditions elaborated upon in the bilateral negotiations.
“These decisions were discussed, elaborated and agreed at the bilateral talks. Russia continues and will continue intensive contacts with all interested countries, above all with countries of the region.”

Sunday, February 22, the United States and Russia agreed on a truce in Syria. It should enter into force on 27 February. The cessation of hostilities will begin at 00:00 (Damascus) February 27, 2016 (23:00 MSK on February 26). According to the plan, military action, including air strikes of the Syrian air force, the Russian space forces and the US-led coalition, will continue only against the “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (both organizations are banned in Russia) and “other terrorist organizations identified by the UN security Council”.