The media learned about the request of Obama to Shinzo Abe to refrain from visit to Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama asked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to refrain from visit to Russia. This writes Reuters, citing Kyodo News.

According to the Agency, the conversation between politicians took place on 9 February. “Now is not the time”, — quotes the words of Obama’s Agency. According to Kyodo, Abe agreed with U.S. President and the discussion ended inconclusively.

The conversation about American and Japanese leaders also writes The Japan Times. The publication says that Obama asked Abe to postpone the visit and implement it after the summit “Big seven”, which will be held in Japan in late may. Nevertheless, the Japanese Prime Minister noted that Moscow and Tokyo should solve a lot of joint issues. According to The Japan Times, a telephone conversation took place after a missile launch by the DPRK.

Presumably, informal Abe’s visit to Russia will take place in early may. It is expected that the Prime Minister will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi after a trip to European countries.