A native of publishers Rotenberg will head the Directorate of school construction

The Directorate of the Federal programme for school construction throughout Russia worth 2.8 trillion rubles will be headed by former top Manager of the holding “Education” Irina Kuznetsova. Shareholder “Enlightenment” is Arkady Rotenberg, Kuznetsova retired from the company in December 2015, said the representative of the press service of the holding.

In an interview with the Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov said that the head of the Directorate attains the first stage of “six or seven” employees.

“Directorate was created, this is our subordinate organizations. She got a government job, her work actively deployed in these days, — said Livanov. — Management — it project office, it is the people who are constantly in the regions, see how work is proceeding, keep track of the actual state of Affairs”and so forth.

According to him, the appointment Kuznetsova will not cause a conflict of interest. “There are no financial and substantive decisions, the Board will not accept, so the conflict of interest won’t be here,” said the Minister.

The school building programme will last until 2025, after which in Russia should disappear completely the second and third shift in schools. It is the Director of the “Enlightenment” Vladimir Uzun was first proposed to establish a state education, then the government discussed the establishment of a state Fund education, which would supervise and the school building programme. It was assumed that it may include representatives of “Enlightenment”.

In April 2015, wrote that the Rotenberg, which is in the inner circle of Vladimir Putin, can belong to a blocking stake of the largest publisher of educational literature JSC “Publishing house “Enlightenment”.

In the annual accounting statements of the publishing house in 2014 it was said that a member of the Board of Directors is Arkady Rotenberg “has the right to dispose (directly or through its subsidiaries) more than 20% of the total number of votes attached to the voting shares of a joint stock company [“Publishing house “Enlightenment”]”.