Accused of having links with ISIS the MSU student complained to the Strasbourg court

The complaint to Strasbourg

Lawyers Varvara Karaulova filed a complaint to the European court of human rights, the lawyer told Karaulova Sergey adamsin. The appeal says about the violation of the right to freedom and personal inviolability (article 5 of the European Convention on human rights). According to the lawyer, that the offense was committed in the arrest of his client and the subsequent renewals of detention in prison.

The complaint points to the violation of the right to a fair trial (article 6 of the Convention). Adamsin explained that the courts when measures of restraint have been expressed about the proof of Karaulova guilt, although the guilt should be proved in the proceedings on the merits. In addition, lawyers in November throughout the month could not get to Karaulova, as also mentioned in the appeal to the ECHR.

Earlier defenders of the girls have complained about the non-admission to the SIZO “Lefortovo”. Lawyers Haji Aliyev and Sergey adamsin appealed to the Prosecutor General with a petition for exemption in the case of the FSB and transfer it to the Investigation Committee. At this step, the lawyers are forced to go due to “systematic violations of Karelovoy to protection and the rights of the defence to have access to their principal”.

In November Aliyev and adamsin saw Karaulova only once, on 10 November in the Moscow city court consideration of the appeal on the measure of restraint. Since then, the administration of the SIZO “Lefortovo” at the request of the FSB, working the case, didn’t let the defenders to the girl.

The priority

The lawyers asked the ECHR to consider the complaint as a matter of priority “to apply urgent measures to release” Karaulova, said adamsin in conversation with . “As annexes to the complaint is directed, including, materials, positively characterizing Karaulov. It’s about 30 different certificates of appreciation,” said the lawyer.

Student of philosophical faculty of Moscow state University Varvara Karaulov, who changed the name to Alexander Ivanov, is accused of trying to join is banned in Russia “Islamic state”. The consequence considers that Karaulova, June 4 detained on the Turkish-Syrian border, tried to join the militants and continued to speak to his recruiter in the network.

Karaulova the parents insist that the girl didn’t cut all ties at the request of security officers who monitored the actions of the supporters of the “Islamic state”. When Karaulova want to stop communicating, she was arrested.

Earlier in the conversation with the lawyer adamsin noted that Karaulov has partially retracted confessions. She stated to investigators that “I went to Syria to the beloved man”, and not to join the banned in Russia “Islamic state,” said adamsin.

In early February Karlovu was placed in the Serbsky Institute to conduct a psychiatric examination. The study will last for months.