Ally and infantry Russians increasingly trust Ramzan Kadyrov

In 2007, sympathy for the Chechen leader had 8% of Russians, while in 2016 this number increased to 16%. Respect for the leader of Chechnya was expressed by 31% of respondents (11% in 2007), and trust him 15% of respondents (7% in 2007).

VTSIOM also notes that the level of awareness of Russians about Kadyrov is extremely high: 89% have heard about it, 62% indicated that he is the head of Chechnya.

Against a common enemy

Thus, according to this survey, the proportion of respondents who have to Kadyrov negative, practically has not changed: the mistrust was expressed by 9% behind to 4%, conviction — 2%, etc. At the same time, the number of indifferent fell from 34% to 24% and those who found it difficult to Express their opinion about the leader of Chechnya from 23 to 8%.

According to 15% respondents, the activities of Kadyrov aimed primarily at improving the welfare of the Chechen people (15%), regional development (8%), the preservation of peace (9%). Another 2% of respondents believe that it is aimed at personal enrichment (2%), 1% believe that it is about self-promotion. 46% of survey participants purpose of the President of Chechnya is not clear.

60% of respondents perceive Kadyrov as a completely independent politician, the opposite opinion is shared by 29%. Speaking about the relations of the head of Chechnya with Vladimir Putin, 57% of respondents named associate to the President, 23% were subordinates.
Almost every second (49%) of those asked are sure that the work Kadyrov is good for the country as a whole. Strongly disagree 7%, 26% believe that some of his actions can be evaluated positively and some negatively.

To the question about the future prospects Kadyrov 36% of survey participants responded that it will have a great political future, 34% believe that he has already achieved much, but has reached the ceiling of opportunities.
“We do not know of any other leader in the region, which had such high credibility at the national level. Even his harsh words are perceived quite favorably by the Russians. Why? Because these statements, in the opinion of our countrymen, directed not against Russia, but against her enemies. And ideas about the enemies of Kadyrov and the majority of Russians coincide,” commented the results of the survey, leading expert-consultant, monitoring and electoral surveys polls Oleg chernozub.

The poll was conducted February 6-7, 2016. It was attended by 1.6 thousand people in 130 settlements of 46 regions. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.

Thanks to the Russians

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, thanked the Russians for the support that has recorded a recent poll.

“I am grateful to the Russians who have addressed to me the kind words in the course of the polls of polls”, — he wrote on his page in Instagram. The politician said that only 2% of respondents spoke negatively about him and the same number said that criticizing. “Those people also say what they think. It is important that said not 70 or 80%. I want to assure you that for me, the main rating is the respect of the people to the President of Russia, the national leader Vladimir Putin. I’m an infantryman! The people’s confidence in Putin is on exceptionally high level,” he explained.

Kadyrov noted that “it is no secret that the US and its Western allies are making great efforts, trying to impose on Russia its own rules in world politics”, however, in the opinion of the head of Chechnya, Putin has proved that it doesn’t work. “If we all selflessly serve my country, no one can dictate to Russia will. I assure you that I personally will continue with even greater energy to work for the people, for Chechnya and all of Russia!” — he concluded.

Recently the head of Chechnya made several loud statements, which have attracted the attention of social activists, human rights defenders, and politicians. January 12 on the website of the government of Chechnya was published Kadyrov’s statement, in which he called on to treat non-systemic opposition as “enemies of the people”, and on the night of 1 February, posted on his account on Instagram video where the leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov was shown with a visual effect of a sight (video has been removed by the administration of the social network).

After these publications with criticism of Kadyrov were made by the Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova and the HRC.

Two weeks after Kadyrov’s statement about the “enemies of the people” the question of the leader of Chechnya Putin was asked. Then the President called him an effective leader.