Apple invited the US authorities to assess the impact of its conflict with the FBI

The American company Apple has called for the establishment of a government Commission or expert group that would consider the impact on national security and personal freedoms amid the dispute over the FBI for help in hacking your smartphone of a suspected terrorist. In a message posted on the Apple website, says that the company is willing to take part in the creation of such an expert group.

“We believe that the best solution would be for the government, <…> as suggested by some members of Congress, create a Commission or another expert group on intelligence, technology and civil liberties, to discuss the ramifications [of a dispute with Apple FBI] for law enforcement, national security, privacy, and freedom of the person”, — stated in the message Apple.

The decision that Apple should provide “reasonable technical assistance” to the FBI agents were able to access a locked iPhone, was made by the district court in Los Angeles. The FBI request was related to the smartphone Sayed Farouk — the suspect in the terrorist attack in California San Bernardino in December of last year. Then during the shooting killed 14 people, injured more than 20.

Apple CEO Tim cook stated that the request threatens the safety of Apple customers, and the consequences of such a precedent “are far beyond the legal framework”. “The government has asked Apple to crack our own users and undermine decades of work to protect consumers, including American citizens, from creative hackers and cybercriminals,” wrote cook.

Apple’s position was supported by major IT companies such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google. Injured in a shooting in San Bernardino expressed in this debate in support of the FBI.