AVTOVAZ found to be missing parts of 19 million rubles.

That AVTOVAZ has missed parts of 19 million rubles, told “Interfax” the Deputy chief of Department of information and public relations GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Samara region Anton Ivoilov. According to him, the fact of the shortages identified during the annual check of inventory.

“This test was an established fact of the shortage of assets amounting to more than 19 million rbl. the Company has addressed in police with the statement, a criminal case,” said Ivoilov. The property disappeared from the factory, presumably in the period from October to December 2015, he said. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under part 4 St. 158 criminal code (theft in especially large size). It provides till 10 years of imprisonment.

Suspects in the case yet.

According to “RIA Novosti”, in recent years it is the only criminal case involving a large theft in the company. Theft of spare parts worth over 1.5 million rubles was revealed in February 2010 by police officers. On the territory of AVTOVAZ, was detained the car “MAZ”, which transported the containers in which were found 16 kinds of auto parts.

Protection of the plant AVTOVAZ in Togliatti since 1986 to implement the special police Department. In 2011, due to the reform in the interior Ministry, he was eliminated instead of him solving crimes on people you can do two units in the criminal investigation Department and Department on struggle against economic crimes. In 2009, in particular, the division serving the enterprise, prevented a number of major thefts. First, the police prevented the theft of 40 bags of spare parts cost of about 200 thousand roubles Then has been detained a group of employees (nine) who found the stolen items also on 200 thousand roubles. After that, four people were arrested, including two workers of AVTOVAZ, which tried to take from the plant by boat via the storm sewers of 105 bags of parts. The value of the stolen parts were then estimated at 1.2 million rubles.