Beijing surpassed new York in number of billionaires

Beijing took new York the title of “capital of billionaires,” according to the Hurun research Institute, which develops the annual rankings on the subject.

According to him, last year the number of billionaires in the Chinese capital increased by 32 (only one hundred billionaires), while in new York for four (a total of 95 billionaires). Moscow is third in the list: number of billionaires in the Russian capital fell by seven and was 66.

Hong Kong and Shanghai took fourth and fifth places — the number of resident billionaires was 64 (reduction in the number of billionaires on seven) and 50 (increase of 20), respectively.

In October of 2015 Hurun reported that China has overtaken the USA by quantity of dollar billionaires (people with the state more than $1 billion). According to the Institute, their number in China increased by 242 people, in General amounting to 596. In the US meanwhile live 537 billionaires.

The richest man in the China of 2015 is Wang Jianlin, the owner of the real estate development group, Dalian Wanda Group. His fortune increased this year by 52% to $34.4 billion, mainly due to the tenfold rise in price of shares he owned a network of cinemas, which in January released on the Shanghai exchange. The state of Jack MA, founder of Internet giant Alibaba, which was headed by the top of 2014, and descended in 2015 on the second line, Hurun valued at $22.7 billion State of MA has declined 2.2% over the past year with the decline in the stock price of Alibaba on the new York stock exchange.

For Wang and MA in the top 5 of the list followed Zinho Tsung, the head of the Corporation for the production Wahaha beverages (with $21.1 billion), MA Hua Teng, the founder of the Internet company Tencent Inc (with $18.8 billion) and the “Chinese Steve jobs”, lei Jun, founder of smartphone maker Xiaomi ($14.4 billion).

In 2013 the title of “the capital of the billionaires” has won Moscow. Then in the Russian capital, the number of people with the state more than $1 billion has reached 76 people. The second place was occupied by new York (70 billionaires), and the third — Hong Kong (54 billionaire). Next — 2014 — year Moscow lost the first position in the top new York, occupying the second position.