Bill gates sided with the FBI in a dispute with Apple

“This is a specific case when the government asks about access to information. They are not asking about some General things that they say about a concrete case,” said gates in an interview with the Financial Times.

Query about hacking Apple devices is no different from, for example, information requests from a telephone company or a Bank, says gates: “Let’s imagine that the Bank has sealed the drive and said, “don’t make me pick off the tape, because then you will force me to do it many times”.

The position of the gates is contrary to the opinions of other high-tech companies, emphasizes FT. So, Apple has already got Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has publicly commented on this issue. However, the statement about the hacking released a Reform Government Surveillance (RGS) is an organization that fights for the limitation of the powers of the government in gathering information of users. In the message of the RGS, a member of which is Microsoft, says that IT companies consider important the fight against terrorism, but they should not be required to create loopholes for their own technologies, allowing to keep the safety of customers ‘ personal data.

The decision that Apple must help the FBI crack the phone Sayed Farouk, who participated in the terrorist attack in California San Bernardino, was made by the district court in Los Angeles. In response, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the request threatened the safety of clients and its consequences “are far beyond the legal framework”. The company refused to comply with the ruling and decided to file his appeal.

“The government has asked Apple to crack our own users and undermine decades of work to protect consumers, including American citizens, from creative hackers and cybercriminals,” said cook.

Apple also called for the establishment of a government Commission or expert group that would consider the impact of the dispute with the FBI on national security and personal freedoms.

Attack in San Bernardino occurred December 2, subsequently it was recognized as a terrorist attack. Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife Tashfeen Malik opened fire in a center for people with disabilities, in a shooting, 14 people were killed, 22 were injured.