Donald trump won a third consecutive victory in the preliminary election

In a speech to his supporters billionaire Donald trump declared himself the winner of the Republican primary elections (or Caucuses) in Nevada, according to CNN. After counting 14% of the votes he’s ahead by a large margin from rivals with a result of 45%, followed by Marco Rubio with 24.3 percent; Senator Ted Cruz got less than 21% of the vote.

“It’s an amazing night!” said trump his supporters. “We won among evangelicals. We won among young people. We won among the highly educated. We won among poorly educated people. I love poorly educated!” — said the billionaire.

Moreover, trump said, he won nearly half of voters-Hispanics, despite his promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

This victory was the third for trump in a row: earlier in February he won the primaries in two States — South Carolina and new Hampshire. With the first Caucuses, traditionally held in Iowa, trump took second place, losing to Ted Cruz.

Following the results of voting will determine the number of delegates which each member of the Caucus meetings will be sent to the party Congress, where will be selected candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of President of the United States. Just from Nevada to the Congress will go for 30 delegates.

Previously from the race for the nomination for President there was the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who was called one of the favorites among Republicans at the beginning of the campaign. It happened after he got only 8,1% of the votes in the primaries in South Carolina. In two weeks he became the fourth Republican who announced the suspension of his campaign.

Among Democrats at the Caucuses in Nevada most votes – 52,7% — scored former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, her main rival in the camp of the Democrats Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has received 47.2% of the votes. On some sites win between Clinton and Sanders had to play on the maps.

The United States presidential election will be held November 8, 2016. Candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties will be determined in the summer after the preliminary vote in all States.