In the Russian army will be the unit of Rabbeinu

The Russian defense Ministry is developing the concept of deep robotic army, which implies the establishment of an automatic shock military robots and the formation from them of the parts and connections with a single control system. About it in interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said the Deputy defense Minister, army General Pavel Popov.

According to him, military robots will be created, “including on the basis of existing military weapons, military and special equipment”, and created on the basis of boereboom parts must be able “to act independently on the operational depth.”

The Commission of the Ministry of defense for the development of robotic systems for military purposes is responsible for formulating “a unified ideology and how to create robotic systems, reduction type, unification, inter-Agency coordination”, — said Popov.

He noted that in regard to robotics, the army and Navy there are different approaches. The first is that the structure of military units and the armament of not significantly changed, only enter automated device that will enhance the fighting qualities of equipment, weapons and means of reconnaissance. The second approach involves changing the structure of units and the introduction of new technology.

Now, said Popov, the Russian military used “dozens of robotic systems in land and sea destination, hundreds of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles”. The use of robotics are focused primarily on replacing military personnel performing associated with risk for life tasks, such as sapper work.

In 2014, the defense Ministry promised to increase the share of robots in the structure weapons to 30%. Now a number of ground-based robotic systems for military purposes is already being tested.

In may 2015 near Novorossiysk have been tested multifunctional robotic complexes of the family “Uranium”.