Media: the Russian government refused to ban the trade in “sanctional”

Media: the Russian government refused to ban the trade in “sanctional”

MOSCOW, February 24. The government refused to ban the trade in “sanctional” and did not support the bill to ban the sale of products prohibited for import to the territory of the Russian Federation, told “Izvestia”.

According to the newspaper, “this is the official review of the government’s amendments to the trade act, proposed by state Duma deputies”.

“The government has considered, the newspaper claims, that the trade law should not regulate foreign trade relations”. However, the authors of the amendments, according to “Izvestia”, find the weak arguments of the government and declared that will insist on, in the worst case – I will try to amend another law, for example, in the Code of administrative offences.

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To remind the government that sanctions the production and so destroyed according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from July 29, 2015, has proposed a ban on the sale would violate the presumption of unichtojaet sanctions products.

The authors of the bill – deputies from LDPR Sergey karginov, Ivan Sukharev and Kirill Cherkasov. In their opinion, negative opinion of the government is unfair and due to the strong lobby retail networks.

“The review does not correspond to the subject of the bill and our reality”, – quote “Izvestia” Sergei Karginov, who suggested that “the lobby retailers and sellers in the government much stronger.”

In the opinion of the partner of DS Law Maria Kalinina, from a formal point of view, a ban on the sale looks a bit redundant. “The rejection of this bill there is a certain logic, it is not needed. The fact is that prohibition is the importation and there is no need to prohibit more and implementation,” – says Kalinin. It proposes to focus efforts on finding ways that could solve the problem of violations of the ban on importation.

Public chamber member Pavel Sychev, who are for the ban, notes that “thepresence” is still mainly supplied to stores and major retailers on the markets. “Still products still arrives on the shelves and the markets – although it is quite legally imported ostensibly for personal consumption!”

A ban on the importation of certain agricultural products operates in Russia since August 2014 against countries that have imposed economic sanctions against Russia. From 1 January 2016, the same prohibition applies in relation to food products from Ukraine. From 6 August 2015, the Rosselkhoznadzor started to destroy prohibited to import goods at the border.