MegaFon has introduced a fee for unimplemented calls

Operator MegaFon started to charge for calls to disconnected phone numbers — the money from the account removed even listen to a message about the unavailability of the called party, turned edition The company adopted this billing, confirmed the representative of “Megaphone” Yulia Dorokhina.

To pay for the failed conversation with the subscriber of “MegaFon” customers of all operators have in the case, if the called connected voice mail service “Who called+”, Dorokhina said. Some operators are already using such billing on its network, so MegaFon was forced to do the same — because of the additional costs of interconnection (mutual settlements between operators), Dorokhina said. “Actually it’s just the adjustment of accounts between the operators,” she explained.

If the caller is connected to the packet rate, for the call it will be deducted from the available package, Dorokhina said. But if the called party is not connected to voice mail, the fee is not charged to the caller, since the call does not turn on the answering machine, she said. In this case, said Dorokhina, subscribers of the “MegaFon” changes “will not affect”, as for the majority of subscribers on-net calls free and not charged.

Previously, such a tariff imposed MTS and “T2 RTK holding” (Tele2), wrote “Vedomosti” in November last year. Then blogger Alexei Nadein found that when calling an invalid phone number Tele2, the operator withdraws money as if the connection has been made. The company has corrected the billing on the same day, said a representative of Tele2 Konstantin Prokshin. According to him, now the operator there is no charge for unfulfilled conversations.

Charge started to charge and MTS, discovered Daily Telecom analyst Ilya Shatilin. If the subscriber of MTS connected voice mail, billing really is, confirms a company spokesman Dmitry Solodovnikov.

“VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) does not charge under “delivery” on its network, said a representative of the operator Anna Imasheva. But if other operators tarifitsiruyutsya calls the subscriber “VympelCom” on the inaccessible rooms in its network, the company also forced them to charge, because it “broadcasts the call is connected without any changes,” she said. “Now, our experts conduct tests on identified problem charging other operators”, — reported Imasheva.