Nabiullina got a glimpse of the Prosecutor General’s office after complaints onf

Wednesday, February 24, press service of the Prosecutor General’s office said, “the” that after a series of large-scale checks, the Department made submissions to the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. The edition writes with reference to the Prosecutor’s office, the Central Bank did not carry out properly control and supervision of organizations issuing consumer loans.

Checks followed coming in 2015 to the Prosecutor’s office complaints about the operation of microfinance organizations and pawnshops, writes “the”. Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy confirmed that such a representation was made to the head of the Central Bank, but said that this was done last year on the results of the scale test, which lasted during the whole of 2015.

The check was caused by contacting the end of 2014, activists of the project of the Russian popular front “For the rights of borrowers” and representatives of the World of SRO (self-regulatory organization for the microfinance companies) to the public Prosecutor with the request to check the black market MFO, “which got about 40% of all microfinance organizations”, said the Chairman of the security Committee of the SRO World Rasim Ismailov. “We asked them to check companies that are not included in the registry and do not fall under Central Bank supervision. Instead, however, large-scale audits were conducted in regulated MFIs,” says Ismailov.

According to him, the companies received numerous inquiries, requested a large amount of different kind of documentation, the test was quite deep. However, almost no large-scale requirements of the company in the end is not received. “As far as I know, unregulated organization of the Prosecutor’s office really could not be verified,” says Rasim.

When respondents MFIs, among them such market leaders as “Homemade money” and MoneyMan, said that no large-scale inspections did not notice. “The Central Bank and other departments regularly check the MFI. Check can wear both planned and unplanned in nature, depending on the flow of complaints of consumers”, — said the Director General MoneyMan Boris Batin.

“During the investigation it became clear that microfinance organizations and pawn shops used the services of collectors who used in their work unlawful methods”, — said the Prosecutor’s office “the”. The loudest case has occurred in Ulyanovsk, where allegedly former collector, who worked in MFO “Rottenly” threw “Molotov cocktail” in the house of debtors and set fire to the child.

But the fight against the black market microfinance lending continues. About three months ago, with the participation of the Central Bank held a meeting of General Prosecutor’s office with representatives of the market, says Rasim Ismailov. On its results it was decided to consolidate information on the black market MFIs and start fighting it.

Last fall activists of the project “For the rights of borrowers” conducted financial monitoring of advertising in the region and found signs of violation of the law in action 254 companies. “This allowed us to conclude that, despite the efforts made, the situation is changing very slowly,” — said on the website front. According to the results of this monitoring onf sent requests to prosecutors of regions with a request to check the activities of the identified companies.