Poroshenko called a high probability of renewed fighting in the Donbass

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko praised the prospect of a resumption of full scale hostilities in the Donbas region as quite probable. About it, writes “Ukrainian truth”, he said during the ceremony early release of students of National defense University named after Chernyakhovsky.

“The prospect of resumption of full-scale hostilities in the East when the systematic violation by the aggressor of the commitments undertaken by Russia in Minsk, is clearly visible on our radar,” — said Poroshenko.

That is why, said the President, Ukraine is the second year happen early editions of listeners of military educational institutions.

“Even in the most optimistic scenario in the Donbas, in the long truce, the military threat from the East will remain relevant both in the long and in the short term,” he added.

In recent weeks, Poroshenko has repeatedly stated about the threat of renewed military conflict in the East of the country. On 3 February he said this in an interview with the newspaper Bild. Then Poroshenko has estimated that “the threat of open war worse than last year”. According to him, “in Ukraine there are 8,000 Russian soldiers and officers”. Poroshenko also referred to the new Russian bases on the border with his country, and regular military exercises.

“Russia is investing a lot in military preparations, and we are not provided any explanations”, — said the President.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations in an open interference in the conflict in Ukraine, while not excluding the possibility that in the Donbas are Russian citizens who went there as volunteers.

Statements of the President of Ukraine to be heard on the background of the political crisis that erupted in the country. But the authorities have come under criticism not only within the country but also from the IMF and Western countries. The aggravation of the crisis occurred on 16 February, when the Parliament declared unsatisfactory work of the government, but at the time of voting didn’t have the votes for the government’s resignation premiere Yatsenyuk. The failure of the vote provoked the exit from the ruling coalition of factions “Batkivschyna” and “Samopomich”.

Western partners of Ukraine have repeatedly acknowledged the need for reforms which the people demanded during the events of the “revolution of dignity”.

Large-scale fighting in the Donbass stopped in February 2015 after signing of the second Minsk accords and the retreat of Ukrainian forces from Debaltsevo. Since then, the line of contact of major operations; however, the message about the shelling and firefights come regularly.