RUSNANO has filed a lawsuit against the Bank of the ROC because of the “illegal transfer” of $90 million

The Nicosia district court considering a claim “of the Fund RUSNANO Capital S. A.”, a subsidiary of JSC “RUSNANO” company “Savings and Investments Ltd.” — Cyprus registered subsidiary of CJSC UK “Sberinvest,” according to “Rosnano”. A co-defendant on this lawsuit goes through and the Bank “Peresvet”, in which the ROC holds the block at 49.7%. The reason for the suit was the work of the international Fund “Nanoenergy” that “the Fund RUSNANO Capital S. A.” created together with “Sberinvest” for investments in the Russian energy sector. Representatives of the “Sberinvest” and “Rosnano” have confirmed the lawsuit. According to the representative of “RUSNANO”, the lawsuit was filed on may 26, 2015.

According to the materials of the case No. 1772/14 before the court of Nicosia (), “Savings and Investment co., Ltd.” in violation of the procedures transferred $90 million from the accounts of the Fund “Nanoenergy” placed at the Bank “Peresvet”, the accounts of Russian companies affiliated with CJSC “Sberinvest” — namely, JSC “Composite pipes”, LLC “Rice high technologies”, LLC “Sarmat” LTD., “Technology hydropower” and LLC “innovative Coal technologies”. Company accounts have also been opened in the “Peresvet”. In this case, as claimed by the plaintiff, the Bank “didn’t check properly the accuracy of the data transactions”. Chairman of the management Board of the Bank “Peresvet” Alexander Shvets did not answer the reporter’s questions .

The defendants, according to court ruling (order), recognized the company “Savings and Investments Ltd”, assigned to the members of the Board of Directors of the Fund “Nanoenergy”, a Russian legal entity on the account of Fund “Nanoenergy” transferred funds. From June 2015 in the number of defendants included “Peresvet”. Aggrieved party — the “Fund RUSNANO Capital S. A.”.

International Fund “Nanoenergy” was created by the “Fund RUSNANO Capital S. A.” together with CJSC “management company “Savings and Investments” in October 2012. According to a press release posted on the website “RUSNANO” (then the state), “the main objective of the Fund will be to stimulate the development and introduction of innovative and nanotechnologies in the energy sector of the Russian Federation, including in the electricity sector, as well as providing fundraising Western and Russian investors”. When you create a “Nanoenergy” it was planned that the endowment Fund will total $150 million $50 million to the Fund on a parity basis invested “Fund RUSNANO Capital S. A.” and JSCB “Peresvet”, the money was placed in JSCB “Peresvet”, the press service of “RUSNANO”. The remaining $50 million was going to add to the capital later, but that never happened, explained in “Rosnano”.

“It’s all nonsense,’ rejoined the conversation with a member of the Board of Directors of “Sberinvest” and Director of strategy Oleg Dyachenko. — “RUSNANO” we have a good energy projects, everything goes, everything is moving fully entered the market of the plant of composite pipes, at a very high level of silica, processed rice, to get heat out of the export position”. In response to the question, where did the money go, the top Manager laughs: “You see, I’m out. So money is not lost”. Dyachenko has already “provided to the Cypriot court with all the necessary documents” and convinced that “case is closed”.

In a press-service of the Bank “Peresvet” has not responded to repeated requests of the reporter, who wished to remain anonymous employee of the press service in a telephone conversation, declined to comment.

RUSNANO traditionally uses the entire Arsenal of the law to protect their interests in court and takes the most aggressive stance, since money and defends the interests of the shareholder, which is the state”, — said the Director for information policy and communications of “Rosnano” Alexander Barhatov. “Today, the courts are about 40 cases, most of which are initiated by us. Bank “Peresvet” — a special case in the history of the protection of the interests of RUSNANO, added Barkhatov.

“Peresvet” — the main Bank Church leadership. According to statements of the “Peresvet”, a religious organization, “Financial and economic management of the ROC” owns 36.5% of the Bank, another 13.2% have belonging to the ROC of the company “Assistance”. Among the other owners of “Peresvet”, OOO “Vnukovo-invest” (1,7%). The office of the company located at the same address as that of “Assistance”. Employee “Vnukovo-invest” could not explain to the correspondent , whether there is a relationship between his company and “Assisting”. In the office “the Promotion” phones did not answer.

Management company “Savings and Investments” was established in 2004. According to the database “SPARK” in March 2012 the main shareholders of “Sberinvest” were: LLC “ES.SI.EN” (30%), LLC IC “Alliance-Capital” (19,40%), the Bank “Peresvet” (18,80%). Even 31,80% of the shares belonged to private persons.

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