Tele2 will increase the cost of calls abroad

Shot on old subscribers

The operator “T2 RTK holding” (Tele2), positioning itself as a discounter, has decided to raise prices on international calls for subscribers of the old tariff plans. If earlier the price of archival tariffs could be different, but now the operator has set a single cost of calls for all subscribers, the information on the website Tele2.

The changes will affect customers in nine Russian regions — Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Samara regions, and in Mordovia, Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Tatarstan, and Mari El. In these regions on March 2, calls to the CIS countries will cost 25 roubles per minute, in the States of Europe — 45 rbl., in the U.S. and Canada — 65 rbl. the price of calls to other countries will not change.

All the new tariffs have already installed similar prices. Thus, the majority of subscribers with archival rulers of tariffs calls while abroad are cheaper: in the nine regions of Russia calls to CIS countries cost 20 roubles per minute, in the USA, Canada and countries in Europe — 35 rubles. Thus, the price of calls to CIS countries will grow by 25%, Europe 29%, USA and Canada — just on 85%.

How many subscribers will affect innovation, the company does not disclose. “In the structure of calls calls abroad take a small percentage. The change will affect a small portion of subscribers of the company”, — said the representative of Tele2 Konstantin Prokshin.

The price increase will affect a small number of people, said General Director of analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov. According to him, the change will affect 2-3 million subscribers (making a total of 35.5 million at Tele2 — ) , but considering that abroad with a mobile phone call Russians rarely pay more will be “several thousand” people.

Not the first increase

Raising tariffs for international calls, Tele2 continues the policy of other operators, I’m sure Pieces. “It makes no sense to offer a more favorable cost characteristics when the whole market they are much higher,” he explains.

Of the tariff increase announced by the operator “MegaFon”. In August 2015 the company has increased the prices of long distance and roaming calls for several dozen tariff plans of the operator in Moscow and the Moscow region, wrote . So, “the Megaphone” has increased the price of calls to Europe from 30 to 55 rubles (83%), in the United States, Australia — with 60 to 75 rubles (25%) per minute for subscribers of more than 40 tariff plans. In the near future the company is planning again to raise prices, says the representative of the operator Julia Dorokhina.

In February 2016 the cost of calls abroad sharply increased “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) on the updated tariff line “Everything!” wrote. For example, outgoing calls to “Beeline” CIS and Georgia for subscribers of Moscow cost 12 rubles per minute for other numbers — 24 rubles, now all of these calls cost 30 rubles per minute, i.e. the price increased by 150% and 25% respectively. Calls to Europe, USA and Canada for Moscow subscribers rose to 50 rubles (43 and 25%, respectively), in other countries the price tag grew by 45% to 80 rubles per minute.

Not far behind, and MTS. For most subscribers of calls to the CIS from February 25, will rise to 35 rubles per minute, is spoken in the message of the company. Previously, these calls cost 29 rubles, wrote “Vedomosti”, that is, the increase amounted to 20%. MTS regularly reviewing the structure, depending on the demand for a particular service, explains the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov. New prices for calls to the CIS operator correspond to other offerings on the market, he insists.

The operators increase the price of international calls due to the depreciation of the ruble, because payments to foreign partners are made in the currency, says Grand. This is confirmed by Proxin from Solodovnikov from Tele2 and MTS. According to them, the change in the exchange rate affects the cost of calls abroad, because increasing inter-operator settlements.